Understanding and treating tooth sensitivity: what our dentist wants you to know

At our dentist in Greystones, we have seen many patients complaining of shooting sensations in their teeth when consuming hot beverages and food. This discomfort is often accompanied by tooth sensitivity, which can significantly impact the quality of life for those who experience it.

Do you experience a sudden, sharp sensation in your teeth when drinking hot coffee or eating your favourite soup? If so, you may be one of the many people who suffer from tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is a common problem, affecting millions of people worldwide, and it can be caused by a variety of factors.

What causes dental sensitivity?

The most common cause of tooth sensitivity is enamel erosion. Enamel is the hard, protective layer that covers the outer surface of your teeth. It is designed to protect your teeth from damage, but it can wear away over time due to factors such as acidic foods and drinks, tooth grinding, or brushing your teeth too hard. When your enamel is eroded, it exposes the sensitive layer of dentine underneath, which can cause discomfort and pain when exposed to hot or cold temperatures.

Other causes of tooth sensitivity include gum recession, which can expose the roots of your teeth, tooth decay, cracked or chipped teeth, and even recent dental procedures such as fillings or crowns. So, if you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, it is important to visit our dental clinic for a thorough examination to determine the underlying cause of your discomfort.

Treating sensitive teeth

The good news is that tooth sensitivity can be treated effectively. At Lucey Dental with our dentist in Greystones, we offer a range of treatments to help alleviate tooth sensitivity and restore your dental health. One of the most common treatments is the application of fluoride varnish. This treatment involves applying a special fluoride varnish to your teeth, which helps to strengthen your enamel and reduce sensitivity.

Another effective treatment is the use of desensitising toothpaste. These toothpastes contain special ingredients that help to block the nerve endings in your teeth, reducing sensitivity and pain. We can recommend the best desensitising toothpaste for your needs based on the cause and severity of your tooth sensitivity.

For more severe cases of tooth sensitivity, we may recommend a dental procedure such as a filling or crown. These procedures can help to repair damaged teeth and reduce sensitivity. In some cases, we may also recommend a root canal, which involves removing the damaged or infected pulp inside your tooth and filling it with a special material to prevent further damage.

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity when consuming hot beverages and food, don’t suffer in silence. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to get the relief you need. Our experienced dental team will work with you to determine the underlying cause of your sensitivity and recommend the best treatment plan to restore your dental health and improve your quality of life.

Tooth sensitivity can be a painful and uncomfortable experience, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent one. With the right treatment plan, you can reduce or even eliminate your sensitivity and enjoy your favourite hot beverages and foods without discomfort. At our dentist in Greystones, we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve optimal dental health and providing them with the best possible care. Take the first step towards a healthier, more comfortable smile.