Why visits to our dentist in Greystones are critically important

You’ve probably heard that not visiting a dentist in Greystones will, at some point, lead to oral health issues. But did you know that these oral health issues can have a direct and indirect effect on the quality of life you live? At Lucey Dental, we have seen countless patients suffer from needless pain that can hamper their ability to carry out everyday activities.

Your dental health depends primarily on two fundamental principles: your acknowledgement of personal responsibility and the interventions of a professional dentist in Greystones to keep teeth and gums healthy and disease-free.

Without this professional attention from our dentist in Greystones, the risk of you suffering from poor oral health issues dramatically increases. At Lucey Dental, we acknowledge that for some patients, dental appointments may not be high on their list of priorities due to previous negative experiences, which is why we focus on providing excellent quality dental care founded on a patient-centred philosophy.

We believe that it is with such an attitude that our patients are more likely to experience a positive patient experience, which is a vital factor in encouraging them to be more proactive in looking after their oral health.

Why is dental health important?

When teeth are not kept healthy due to poor oral hygiene control, decay soon sets in. Dental decay is a condition that should not be ignored or left untreated due to the serious consequences that can follow.

It is a well-established fact that dental diseases can have undesirable consequences for the health of the wider body. This is in addition to the direct impact of pain and the challenges posed to the main function of the mouth – the ability to bite and chew.

How does dental decay impact overall health?

The resulting pain from dental decay presents challenges when attempting to eat. Poor digestion or not eating to minimise pain puts the strength of the body at risk. The body depends on adequate and proper nutrition to keep its organs and various systems functional. The immune system cannot fight off illness if it lacks the nutritional support it needs.

Dental pain of any kind can also interfere with your ability to perform your everyday tasks and activities. A body that is in pain will struggle to eat, work, learn or even get a good night’s sleep.

Then there is the impact of dental decay on the quality of your smile. Missing teeth is a glaringly obvious and embarrassing smile imperfection that can dramatically drop confidence levels. Without a good-looking smile and healthy confidence levels, making a good first impression is nearly impossible, and it goes without saying that you need that all-important good first impression to get hired, attract a partner or even win friends.

Why is gum health so important?

Researchers have discovered that the bacteria responsible for gum disease can escape the oral cavity and find their way deep into the body to attack life-support systems such as the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. These harmful bacteria are known to increase the occurrence of heart attacks, strokes and inflammatory illnesses, including pneumonia.

You need professional dental care to keep your gums disease-free and teeth strong and healthy. So choose us at Lucey Dental for outstanding dental care at the hands of a friendly and caring dentist.