We provide treatment to both adults and children  including the following but not limited to:

PRSI patients are entitled to a free Dental check up once a year and a subsidised cleaning once a year.

We accept VHI Direct pay. We can also facilitate other insurers and assist with claim forms.

We offer payment plans for larger courses of treatment through FlexiFi.

We accept payment by Cash, Debit or Credit card.  We do not accept cheques.

Some Non Routine Dental Treatment is Tax  Deductable  @ 20% with a med 2 form.

(Every Check Up includes a full oral cancer screening.)

Service Fee

d Adult Examination €50.00
d Adult Scale and Polish 6 months frequency €85.00
d Periodontal treatment greater  than 6 months From €100.00
d Child Examination (6 monthly) U16 €50.00
d Child Scale & Polish U16 €40.00
d Fissure Sealant €40.00
d Digital X-Ray €15.00
d OPG €55.00
We are an amalgam free practice.
d  Composite Fillings (WHITE)
d Additional fees apply for PIN Retention
Range Depending on Surfaces €100.00 – €200.00
d Extractions
d Extraction FROM €100.00
d Surgical Extraction FROM €150.00 – €250.00
d Tooth Whitening
d Bleaching FROM €150.00 per Arch
d Sports Mouth Guard FROM €75.00
d Night Guard FROM €150.00
d Root Canal Treatment FROM €480.00 – €700.00
d Dentures
d Acrylic FROM €450.00 – €650.00
d Metal (Cobalt Chrome) FROM €1250.00
d Full – Upper or Lower FROM €750.00
d Full/Full – Upper and Lower FROM €1500.00
d Crown and Bridgework
d Porcelain Crown €850.00
d Porcelain Fused to Precious Metal Crown FROM €850.00
d Porcelain Veneer/Inlay FROM €700.00
d Bridge Retainer FROM €800.00
d Bridge Pontic FROM €800.00
d Temporary Crown/Bridge – per unit FROM €150.00
d Re-cement Crown/Bridge – per unit FROM €120.00
d Implant Crown FROM €1250.00