Our Technology

Intraoral Camera

dental technologyThis allows us to show you exactly what we can see in your mouth. These images help us to explain why some areas need to be looked after better, or why we are recommending the treatment required. Most dental problems don’t present as pain until it is too late.


Isolite provides state of the art dental isolation. It has 5 levels of brilliant intra oral led illumination and the isolation control, keeps patients mouth open, with tongue and cheek retracted, making it easier for patient and dentist.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is faster with lower radiation than conventional techniques, and images can be viewed immediately. They can also be copied easily.

Ceiling Mounted Video Screen

While we are confident that you will be comfortable during all of our treatment visits, we do realise that you might wish for a little distraction or entertainment during treatment. In order to provide this we have ceiling mounted entertainment screens to allow you to watch one of our DVDs or one of your own.