We provide treatment to both adults and children  including the following but not limited to:

(Every Check Up includes a full oral cancer screening.)

Service Fee

d Adult Examination €50.00
d Adult Scale and Polish over 6 months +/- anaesthetic €85.00
d Periodontal treatment +/- anaesthetic P/Q Per Session €85.00 – €120.00
d Child Examination (6 monthly) U16 €50.00
d Child Scale & Polish U16 €40.00
d Fissure Sealant €40.00
d Digital X-Ray €10.00
d OPG €50.00
We are an amalgam free practice.
d Composite Fillings (WHITE)
d FROM €100.00 – €160.00 +
d Extractions
d Extraction FROM €100.00
d Surgical Extraction FROM €150.00 – €200.00
d Tooth Whitening
d Bleaching FROM €150.00 per Arch
d Sports Mouth Guard FROM €75.00
d Night Guard FROM €100.00
d Root Canal Treatment FROM €480.00 – €700.00
d Dentures
d Acrylic FROM €450.00 – €650.00
d Metal (Cobalt Chrome) FROM €1200.00
d Full – Upper or Lower FROM €750.00
d Full/Full – Upper and Lower FROM €1500.00
d Crown and Bridgework
d Porcelain Crown €850.00
d Porcelain Fused to Precious Metal Crown FROM €850.00
d Porcelain Veneer/Inlay FROM €700.00
d Bridge Retainer FROM €800.00
d Bridge Pontic FROM €800.00
d Temporary Crown/Bridge – per unit FROM €120.00
d Recement Crown/Bridge – per unit FROM €100.00
d Implant Crown FROM €1250.00

Some Non Routine Dental Treatment is Tax  Deductable  @ 20% with a med 2 form.

Prsi patients are entitled to a free Dental check up once a year and a subsided cleaning once a year.

We accept VHI Direct pay.

We accept payment by Cash, Debit or Credit card.  We do not accept cheque.