Our Technology

Intra Oral Camera

This allows us to show you exactly what we can see in your mouth. These images help us to explain why some areas need to be looked after better, or why we are recommending the treatment required. Most dental problems don’t present as pain until it is too late.



Isolite provides state of the art dental isolation. It has 5 levels of brilliant intra oral led illumination and the isolation control, keeps the patients mouth open, with tongue and cheek retracted, making it easier for patient.  We are all to aware how tiring it can become during dental treatments to keep your mouth wide open.  The isolate acts like a little stopper inside for your mouth for you to bite down on taking the pressure off your jaw.  It is also excellent for stopping the saliva from interacting with your dental treatment.  We strive to make your dental visits the most comfortable experiences.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is faster with lower radiation than conventional techniques, and images can be viewed immediately. They are easily transferable to our patients and referral sources when necessary.



Ceiling Mounted Video Screen

While we are confident that you will be comfortable during all of our treatment visits, we do realise that you might wish for a little distraction or entertainment during treatment. In order to provide this we have ceiling mounted entertainment screens to allow you to watch one of our DVDs or one of your own.  Among some of our favourites are Mr Bean and Bridget Jones for the adults of course.


Large Panoramic OPG Digital X-ray.

An OPG (Orthopantomogram) is a scan that gives a panoramic view of your jaw and teeth. The scan can provide information on wisdom teeth, bone loss, orthodontic assessment, jaw trauma, dental pain, or be used as part of a general dental check-up.  An OPG is an integral piece of equipment in dentistry.


The Aplha-Stim.

The Alpha- stim is the new technology used for anxious and nervous patients.  It uses a current wave to send signals to relax the brain prior to treatments.  Ideal for anxious or nervous patients who would wish to avoid oral medication for a more natural, holistic approach.