Anxious Patients

Do you have a fear of the dentist?

We are delighted to be one of the very first practices in Ireland to introduce the Alpha-Stim machine for our nervous patients.  This machine is an alternative to oral drugs or medicine that can be taken before dental visits to alleviate your levels of stress and anxiety.  Many patients avoid going to the dentist because of this complete fear. BUT THERE IS HELP . . . . . and it is the Alpha-Stim.

It is a hand held device, which is attached to your ears.  Our dental team will set the appropriate settings, while waves of currents are sent to your brain to cause your body and mind to relax.  We only choose to give our patients the best possible care at Lucey Dental.  Feel free to request the Alpha-Stim at your next visit with us.

We at Lucey Dental understand how daunting it can be to even pick up the phone to make that initial call to the dentist.  From the first call to our practice, your fears will be put at ease.  Our welcoming team of administration staff are on hand for any issues or concerns before your dental visit. Our team will take their time with you during your dental appointment and try to allay your fears.  You will never feel rushed. Within a short time you will build up a good relationship with your sympathetic dentist and can feel confident in any dental treatment you may need.  Everything is explained to you in detail and we provide treatment plans outlining the best course of treatments for you.  You can ask us questions at any stage.

For the vast majority of our patients to date, our gentle calming manner is sufficient to allow people to complete treatment without sedation and enjoy excellent dental health.

For those patients that have a deep set anxiety in relation to dental treatment oral sedation is available which makes dental treatment more acceptable and helps you to feel more relaxed within yourself.  sometimes it can be the fear of the unknown and it may not necessarily mean that you will require sedation at each visit.  We are on hand to help you with dental phobia’s.